What is “Anything is Possible?”

“Anything is Possible” is Great Stories about Great People who prove with their lives that “Anything is Possible.”

Why was “Anything is Possible” Created?

“Anything is Possible” was created by Hallerin Hilton Hill to celebrate the achievements of incredible people in our community…and hopefully by sharing those stories, others will be inspired to even greater achievements.

What makes a community great?

Is it the size or the number of buildings in a given area?  Is it the roadways?  Is it the skyscrapers or the massive development?   No, it’s the people…a community of great people!  When one person from this area excels and does something great or exceptional, it makes the whole community better.  If you have “Great People” that do “Great Things”, you get a “Great Community.”  And it all happens because one person believes the impossible is possible.  The show introduces you to those phenomenal people with incredible stories of how they turned their seemingly “impossible plight” into a “possible reality.”

What is the Ultimate Goal of “Anything is Possible?

Simply put, to encourage and inspire.  We want to encourage folks to dream big, do big and give big to their community.  Then we want to inspire them to believe, without doubt, that “Anything is Possible.


One Comment on “About”

  1. Amy Roth Says:

    Hi Hallerin – we met briefly earlier this year as you were finishing up your live remote & touring the Wellness Center at Dowell Springs. Then, participating several weeks ago in the Buddy’s Race, I saw you fit-as-a-fiddle again there. You have obviously made your personal health a priority and understand firsthand the difference it makes in making Anything Possible! One of the people that has greatly helped me achieve ‘my’ possible would make a great AIP story for you – having lost & maintained over 200 pounds!! I would love to connect with you to explore this & other ways we can work together to make our experience a reality in the lives of others. I truly believe we have been given a gift that requires giving!!!! Merry Christmas

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