Cuonzo Martin, UT Head Basketball Coach

New UT Basketball Head Coach, Cuonzo Martin was a tough, gritty kid from East St. Louis. He grew up in an area they called “The Hole.” It was an area known for it’s ability to trap young men in darkness, and drop them down it’s bottomless pit. But Coach Martin’s toughness caught the eye of Coach Gene Keady of Purdue. Keady recruited Cuonzo and that’s where his journey from boy, to man, to player, to Coach began. This is another unbelievable story of Possibility.

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2 Comments on “Cuonzo Martin, UT Head Basketball Coach”

  1. Norma Webster Says:

    So inspired by your interview. Gives me the strength and courage to go on, trusting God. Pray for your continued strength, as you Matt. 5:16, Matt. 6:33, Proverbs 3:4-6. Thank God for your mom, your wife, children and the team. A person could just feel the love of God coming from you. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! PS I tried to send something earlier but it would go thru, hopefully this will.

  2. Norma Webster Says:

    Also,I too was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Operated on April 1, 2007, still waiting on my MIRACLE! I know, and believe without a doubt that With God, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

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